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Rise recliner chairs, beds and hoists

Mobility hoists and slings can be a fantastic help to many people when lifting. Collins Care has a range of mobility hoists suitable for everyone and are really easy to operate including electrical hoists and manual mobility hoists for both elderly and disabled patients. Our mobility hoists are ideal for moving people from their bed to a chair and our bath hoists can really help in the bathroom when lifting people into the bath.
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Harley Back Soother Cushion
£23.49 inc. VAT
literally wraps and supports the back
Wool Bed Fleece
From: £31.89 inc. VAT
Absorbs perspiration, allowing skin to breath.
Harley 2-way Support Cushion
£34.99 inc. VAT
cushion designed to give comfort to the whole seating area
Ripple Mattress Topper
From: £43.96 inc. VAT
Place the Ripple Mattress Topper on your mattress under the sheet and feel the benefit.
From: £98.00 exc. VAT
For use with the Oxford Standaid.
Oxford Quickfit Deluxe Sling
From: £103.00 exc. VAT
With side suspenders for additional comfort and support.
Oxford Quickfit Deluxe Net Sling
From: £113.00 exc. VAT
Easy fit general purpose sling
Oxford Full Back Sling
From: £129.00 exc. VAT
Fully supportive sling.
Oxford Access Sling
From: £139.00 exc. VAT
Designed specifically to facilitate toileting.
Universal Sling
From: £162.85 exc. VAT
Provides excellent support for the back, shoulders and legs
Visco Memory Mattress Topper
From: £199.00 inc. VAT
Helps transform your sleep into a restful long and relaxing night.
Oxford Standaid Transport Sling
From: £180.00 exc. VAT
For use with the Standaid.
Hammock Sling
From: £200.00 exc. VAT
offers excellent support for the sacral area, shoulders, buttocks and thighs.
Casaflex Single Foam Mattress
£250.00 inc. VAT
This four way turn mattress has a profiled surface to aid free flow of air and reduce surface tension.
Toileting Sling
From: £217.13 exc. VAT
Provides excellent access for removing clothing and toileting.
Slip Fit Sling
From: £257.13 exc. VAT
Designed for easy application and removal for clients requiring specialist seating or moulded chairs.
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