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Products for Parkinson's care

The products below are those, which we recommend for caring for people with Parkinson’s disease. The products are designed to improve daily living and give sufferers of Parkinson’s as much independence as possible.

We also have a help and advice section aimed at providing information aimed aimed at both sufferers and carers of Parkinson's disease. To view this section click here.

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Bottle & Jar Opener
From: £3.79 inc. VAT
Secure grip for easy twist off opening of jar and bottle tops.
Multi Grip Jar Opener
£4.59 inc. VAT
Practical jar opener that can be used on various bottles with safety caps.
J Popper Ring Pull Can Opener
£4.59 inc. VAT
Ring pull can opener.
Jar Pop Key Jar Opener
£5.19 inc. VAT
Handy gadget that breaks the vacuum seal on new jars so that they open easily. Jar Pop Key - The jar opener removes all traditional preserving jar lids
Sure Grip Cup
£7.19 inc. VAT
Sure Grip Cup is easy and comfortable to grip and virtually spill proof.
Good Grip Jar Opener
£7.49 inc. VAT
The Good Grip Jar Opener opens stubborn lids easily.
Multi Opener Aid
£8.36 inc. VAT
A handy, multi-functional opener for bottle caps, screw tops, and ring pulls.
Cap Gripper Jar Opener
£9.09 inc. VAT
This jar opener fits all kinds of screw lids.
Good Grips Weighted Utensils
From: £16.66 exc. VAT
Good Grips Weighted UtensilsTextured handle is secure in the hand.
Spill Not Jar Holder
£24.99 inc. VAT
Prevent spills while easily opening jars or opening bottles.
One Handed Tin Opener
£24.99 inc. VAT
Tin opener designed to be used in one hand.
Adjustable Quad Cane
From: £23.33 exc. VAT
The popular adjustable quad cane, which gives the user extra security with four legs and rubber ferrules for extra grip.
Pedal Exerciser
£29.99 inc. VAT
Compact home pedal exerciser.
One Touch Jar Opener
£31.45 inc. VAT
One touch jar opener
Slatted Bath Board
From: £26.24 exc. VAT
High quality slatted bath board
Bath Board With Handle
From: £37.49 exc. VAT
Stylish bath board with handle
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