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The products below are those, which we recommend for caring for people with Diabetes. The products are designed to improve daily living and give sufferers of Diabetes as much independence as possible.

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7 Day Large Pill Box
£2.09 inc. VAT
A large dispenser to enable a selection of pills to be added to each daily compartment.
7 Day Pill Dispenser Box
£2.79 inc. VAT
An easy to use seven day pill dispenser.
£3.49 inc. VAT
For those on daily medication.
Softhold Ankle Highs & Foot Socks
From: £8.00 inc. VAT
Ideal for those who prefer hosiery to socks.
Revitalizing Softop Socks
£10.50 inc. VAT
Helps increase circulation.
Bed Socks
£12.99 inc. VAT
Protect your feet from the cold but do not apply pressure.
Cotton rich softhold socks
From: £13.00 inc. VAT
lightweight cotton rich socks
Cotton-Rich Softhold Socks
From: £14.00 inc. VAT
An ideal everyday solution to keep feet cool and comfortable.
Thermal Softop Socks
From: £16.50 inc. VAT
Natural wool fibre knitted in a traditional style, these wool-rich socks are perfect for all seasons.
Catherine cosy feet shoe
From: £48.33 exc. VAT
An incredibly versatile leather shoe choice of 8 colours
Cosyfeet Jodie Ladies Shoes
From: £51.67 exc. VAT
Slip on a pair of Jodie shoes and you'll think they've been made to measure
Naomi cosy feet shoe
From: £55.00 exc. VAT
An attractive contemporary shoe
Cosyfeet Debbie Ladies Shoes
From: £56.67 exc. VAT
Cosyfeet combine classic comfort with casual chic in this stylish ladies shoe.
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