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All-In-One Immobile Incontinence Briefs Arrow
All-In-One Immobile Incontinence Briefs
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All-In-One Immobile Incontinence Briefs

These all-in-one briefs have been specially developed for anyone who spends extended time in bed. They have outstanding absorbency and are specially shaped to give optimum performance. Widely used by healthcare professionals.
Reusable High Loss Incontinence Pads
£21.39 (£17.83)
Washable incontinence pads for use with One Way Pouch Pants.
One-Way Washable Incontinence Seat Pads
£12.49 (£10.41)
Protect your favourite chair, car seat or wheelchair from incontinence accidents.
Male & Female One-Way Incontinence Pouch Pant System
From: £16.39 (£13.66)
Pants with separate incontinence pads - An efficient method of protecting the person from leakages.
Male & Female One-Way Incontinence Briefs
From: £17.69 (£14.74)
Incontinence care briefs.
Waterproof Incontinence Underwear
£15.59 (£12.99)
Plastic waterproof incontinence underwear that are machine washable
Fluff Pulp Incontinence Bed Pads
From: £11.89 (£9.91)
Precaution to absorb any accidental leakage.
Female Incontinence Briefs
£12.49 (£10.41)
Briefs for use with disposable pads.
Easywipe Toilet Aid
£35.99 (£29.99)
An easy to use hygienic wiping device
Come in packs of 15 with three different absorbency levels.