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Tube Master
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Tube Master

Tube Master squeezes out the last remains of the tubes in a simple way that leaves nothing inside the tube. The tube is easily mounted through the slide of the tube master, and by pulling gently towards the lid the tube is emptied out.

The Tube Master is made of high density ABS plastic in an elegant design. Tube Master has no sharp edges or points, no removable parts, and is extremely durable.
Good Grips Cutlery
From: £11.29 (£9.41)
Good Grips cutlery has a soft cushion grip.
Good Grips All Purpose Scissors
All purpose easy to use scissors
Good Grip Jar Opener
The Good Grip Jar Opener opens stubborn lids easily.
Easiturn Tap Turner
£7.29 (£6.08)
Convenient levers make turning the tap on and off much easier.
Easi Grip Tweezers
Lightweight and easy to use tweezers
Derby Tap Turners
Makes taps easier to turn on and off.