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Shaped Incontinence Pads Arrow
Shaped Incontinence Pads
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Shaped Incontinence Pads

For medium to heavy incontinence, these premium inco pads are widely used by healthcare professionals, including the NHS. The anatomic shape of the inco pad ensures comfort and standing cuffs prevent leakage. A 'Quickcore' draws urine into the pad and an extra odour locking super absorbent polymer locks it in place. These inco pads should ideally be worn with stretch Pants.
One-Way Washable Incontinence Seat Pads
£12.49 (£10.41)
Protect your favourite chair, car seat or wheelchair from incontinence accidents.
Male & Female One-Way Incontinence Pouch Pant System
From: £16.39 (£13.66)
Pants with separate incontinence pads - An efficient method of protecting the person from leakages.
Male & Female One-Way Incontinence Briefs
From: £17.69 (£14.74)
Incontinence care briefs.
Fluff Pulp Incontinence Bed Pads
From: £11.89 (£9.91)
Precaution to absorb any accidental leakage.
Female Incontinence Briefs
£12.49 (£10.41)
Briefs for use with disposable pads.
AllerZip Mattress Protector
From: £77.29
AllerZip protects your mattress investment, and most importantly, your health.
Comes in packs of 30 with several different absorbency levels. Maxi pads in packs of 20