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Padded Toilet Seat With Straps Arrow
Padded Toilet Seat With Straps
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Padded Toilet Seat With Straps

Padded foam toilet seat with washable vinyl white cover, secures with hook and loop straps on underside, provides an ergonomic way of adding comfort to commode and toilet seats.
Reusable High Loss Incontinence Pads
£21.39 (£17.83)
Washable incontinence pads for use with One Way Pouch Pants.
Rehosoft Raised Toilet Seat
£99.99 (£83.33)
Hygienic, sanitised PVC raised toilet seat.
Rectangular Incontinence Pads
From: £4.99 (£4.16)
Rectangular pads used for slight incontinence.
Raised Toilet Seat
From: £24.99 (£20.83)
A lightweight and easy to use raised toilet seat.
Padded Toilet Seat With Rim & Vinyl Cover
£13.39 (£11.16)
A washable padded toilet seat
Waterproof Incontinence Underwear
£15.59 (£12.99)
Plastic waterproof incontinence underwear that are machine washable
Fluff Pulp Incontinence Bed Pads
From: £11.89 (£9.91)
Precaution to absorb any accidental leakage.