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Oxford Mini 140 Arrow
Oxford Mini 140 Electric Hoist
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Oxford Mini 140

The Oxford Mini 140 has been developed to meet the specific needs of the domestic care environment with the patient in mind. It is compact but highly durable, offering superb manoeuvrability around the confines of both domestic and nursing settings. Features an emergency lift and lower function.
Hydraulic and electric versions are available with the electric version having a detachable battery pack with a LCD battery level indicator. This allows the hoist to be utilised continuously. Comes complete with desktop charger.
The spreader bar is padded for patient safety. Features an emergency lift and lower function. Weight 28.5kg.
Oxford Major 190 Electric Hoist
From: £1330.80 (£1109.00)
The perfect cross over product for both nursing and institutional care.
Oxford Maxi 170 Electric Hoist
£2838.00 (£2365.00)
The Maxi can lift patients onto almost all residential and nursing home surfaces.
Oxford Midi 170 Electric Hoist
From: £1162.80 (£969.00)
The perfect solution for the community/nursing environment.
£2134.80 (£1779.00)
Easily transfers patients from bed to chair, chair to commode etc.
Oxford Standaid Transport Sling
From: £216.00 (£180.00)
For use with the Standaid.
Oxford Stowaway 140 Folding Hoist
From: £1565.98 (£1304.98)
Folding version of the Oxford Mini 140.
Length 1120mm

Height 1133 - 1726mm

Spreader bar height 500 - 1505mm

Max reach 595mm

Turning Radius 1104mm

Max user weight 22 stone (140kg)