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Non-slip Fabric Rolls
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Non-slip Fabric Rolls

This range of soft, coloured fabrics can be used all around the boat, home, caravan, car or garden in a myriad of ways.
The Fabric is made of a non slip foam melded onto a PVC mesh supported by polyester fibres, the unique manufacturing process produces a hardwearing fabric which is not sticky, or stretchy, but grips on both sides as a result of the sponge type composition of the fabric.
The fabrics are durable with an open attractive weave structure which allows air to circulate, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. The fabrics are odourless and washable. The fabric can be cut easily with a pair of scissors, to any size or shape.
Non-Slip - Simply, it helps prevent items from moving or slidingNon-Stick - Grips without sticking, both the top and bottom surface.Cushioned and soft - Nice to handle as well as protecting surfaces and items from chipping and scratchingMachine Washable - Can be kept clean, fresh and stain freeEasily Cut, and available in different widths - Can be cut to fit any shape and size, from a cutlery tray insert to a full tableOpen weave structure - Allows for air circulation and free drainingMould and mildew resistant - Hardwearing and long lastingRange of attractive colours - Can be co-ordinated with colour schemesAdaptable - Without a doubt, the most versatile fabric you will ever come across, it can be used virtually anywhere. The only limitation is your imagination.
Available in a choice of 7 colours.
30.5 x 182.9cm (12" x 6')