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Leather Blue Badge and Timer Wallet Arrow
Blue Badge Holder & Timer Wallet
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Leather Blue Badge and Timer Wallet

The Leather Blue Badge and Timer Wallet is designed to store and display a UK disability badge and time card, which are protected by clear windows. Made from leather it opens to fully display the badges. The timer card can be adjusted without having to remove it from the wallet.
Turn Easy Swivel Cushion
£71.99 (£59.99)
A superior, padded safety swivel cushion.
Spiral Derby Cane
£22.08 (£18.40)
A popular spiral carved cane - Available in Ladies & Gents Sizes
Soft Transfer Seat
£23.99 (£19.99)
Allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting.
Rota Pad Mobility Aid
£77.99 (£64.99)
Used for standing patient rotation.
£29.99 (£24.99)
Enter and exit your vehicle easily and safely.
Available in a choice of three colours:

Black, Purple and Pink

Size when closed:

173 x 146mm (6.75 x 5.75")

Size when open:

348 x 146mm (13.75 x 5.75")