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Easy to Use Bath Kit
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Bath Kit

Choose from the attached scrub brush or four additional attachments to wash the body easily, without bending or reaching. Use the two small sponges for washing between toes or the two round sponges for washing back and legs. The attached scrub sponge is ideal for washing the bottoms of feet. The long, plastic handle holds the scrub brush and accommodates one screw-on attachment at a time.
Sonaris Bath Lift
£540.00 (£450.00)
Sufficiently lightweight to be easily manageable, it fits into the bath with the minimum of effort.
Slatted Bath Board
£31.49 (£26.24)
High quality slatted bath board
Dino Shower Stool
£46.99 (£39.16)
The dino shower stool is robust shower stool.
Shower Stool
£39.99 (£33.33)
Sturdy and lightweight adjustable shower stool
Shower Seat
£39.99 (£33.33)
Sturdy and lightweight adjustable shower stool.
Body Care Hair Washer
£27.99 (£23.33)
A useful ergonomic brush which gives greater reach
Body Care Body Washer
From: £31.99 (£26.66)
These long, curved handle scrub brushes provide easy bathing for persons with limited range of motion.
Bath Scrub Sponges
From: £7.49 (£6.24)
Provides easy reach when bathing