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Acrylic Derby Cane Arrow
Acrylic Derby Cane
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Acrylic Derby Cane

The acrylic derby cane is named as such as it has an acrylic derby handle, some are height-adjustable with an aluminium shaft, other acrylic derby canes are fixed with wooden shafts. See options and pictures above for details.
Petite Folding Cane
£31.08 (£25.90)
Slimline Folding Walking Stick
Petite Floral Folding Cane
£32.40 (£27.00)
Fashionable Walking Stick - Available in ten designs
Green Walking Cane
£16.20 (£13.50)
A stylish compromise between the derby cane & crook
Purple folding walking stick
£35.04 (£29.20)
Floral folding cane and handbag
Folding Adjustable Walking Sticks
From: £13.99 (£11.66)
A selection of adjustable walking sticks
Comfort Grip Adjustable Cane
£18.99 (£15.83)
For users that need gentle palm support
Derby folding cane
£26.40 (£22.00)
Folding Walking Stick In Fashionable Floral Designs
Wide Handled Walking Stick
£38.88 (£32.40)
Stylish Wide Handled Walking Sticks
Derby Cane & Walking Stick In Brown Beech
From: £13.20 (£11.00)
A popular walking stick available in gents & ladies sizes plus extra long
Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches
£42.99 (£35.83)
Fully adjustable comfort grip crutches
Cane Strap
Cane strap for wood or plastic handled canes.
Adjustable Quad Cane
£27.99 (£23.33)
The popular adjustable quad cane, which gives the user extra security with four legs and rubber ferrules for extra grip.
Folding Adjustable Arthritis Grip Walking Cane
£15.99 (£13.33)
Arthritis grip cane for users that need full palm support
Adjustable Aluminium Walking Stick
£15.99 (£13.33)
An adjustable lightweight aluminium walking stick.
Adjustable Aluminium Wood Grain Cane
£18.99 (£15.83)
Lightweight and adjustable aluminium cane - wood grain mahogany.

Ladies 87 - 90cm (34 - 35)

Gents 92cm (36")

Height-adjustable Standard:

75 - 100cm

Height-adjustable Long:

77 - 102cm