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Here at Collins Care we understand that life can change when you have a disability, whether it is just not being able to live to the same lifestyle as you have grown accustomed to, or something more serious. Either way these restrictions can be frustrating and affect your ability to perform basic tasks. 

Depending on the level of your disability there are a vast range of specialist mobility aids which have been designed to help make your daily tasks that little bit easier.  With these unique products you can discover a new lease of life and help you to live a enjoyable lifestyle again.
To help you to find these specialist mobility aids and understand how they can be best used to help, the mobility experts from Collins Care have put together some great articles on some of the more common disabilities below. These Guides provided some of the more popular mobility aids which could help you manage your condition and the performance of everday tasks.


Disability Aids - Discover a New Lease of Life

Mobility Aids For Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis - Coping With Mobility & Incontinence Issues

Alzheimer's Disease - The Recommendations On Living With & Caring For Alzheimer's

Broken Bone Care - Advice On How To Manage Broken Bones & Restore Mobility

Hip Replacement Recovery - Guidance On Hip Replacement Recovery Products

Arthritis - Helpful Advice On Effective Arthritis Management

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