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Mobility Aids Information

When it comes to assisting people with their daily lives there is a mobility aid for just about every job, ranging from small can openers to walk in baths.
It is often difficult to identify which mobility aid is best suited to your mobility needs, but Collins Care is on hand to offer its expert advice with this mobility aid guide. Save time and money by being more knowledgeable about what mobility aids are available on the market and what functions and features they offer.

Finding the right mobility aid can restore the simplicity into those everyday tasks that have now become challenging.  We find at Collins Care that even our most easy & inexpensive mobility aids can make a noticeable impact on improving your everyday life, bringing back a sense of independence and enjoyment.


Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter For You

Things to consider when purchasing a Mobility Scooter

Transfer Aids - Comfortably Transfer From One Space to Another

Eating Aids - Enjoy Meal Times Even With Limited Co-Ordination or Mobility

High Back Chair - A Great Supportive Armchair for Everyday Use

Foot Support & Leg Support - Mobility Support Aids

Waterproof Cast - Enabling Patients to Shower or Wash Properly After Injury

Seat Sticks - Taking the Weight off Your Legs

Toilet Aids - Design with Safety, Personal Hygiene and Practicality in Mind

Bed Rails - Giving Patients and Carers Peace of Mind

Can Openers & Jar Openers - A Wide Range of Openers for Everyday Tasks

Lifting Cushion - Powerful Cushions to Aid Your Movement

Blue Badge Road Atlas - An Essential Guide for Disabled Travellers this Summer

Riser Chair - Superb Comfort in Contemporary Style

Mobility Cups - Specialist Handle Cups at Meal Times

Disability Plates - Making Meal Times a Little Easier

Mobility Aids - Increase Your Level of Confidence and Safety

Orthopaedic Beds - A Comfortable Nights Sleep for all

Household Electrical Aids - Safe Electrical Products for Everyday Life

Portable Urinals - Discrete and Effective Toilet Aids

Back Support - Pressure Relief & Protection for Sitting for Long Periods

Mobility Hoists - The Ideal Way to Transfer from Beds and Chairs

Medication Aids - Stay Organised for the Day or Week Ahead

Cosyfeet Shoes & Slippers - Practical Everyday Footwear

Mobility Scooter Accessories - Prolonging & Protecting Your Investment

Mobility Chairs - Comfort for Sitting & Reclining at Home

Kitchen Aids - Making Everyday Kitchen & Dining Duties a Little Easier

Stair Lifts - An Easy Transition between Upstairs & Downstairs

Mobility Equipment - Making a Noticeable Impact on Everyday Life

Comfort & Dressing Aids -The Perfect Assist for Everyday Life

Pressure Relief for Patients with Mobility Concerns

Comfort & Dressing Aids - The Perfect Assist for Everyday Life

Mobility Utensils - Safe & Innovative Cooking Utensils in the Home

Aids for Mobility

Mobility Scooters: Portable Independence for Elderly & Disabled

Car Mobility - Easy To Use Car Aids To Make It Disabled/Elderly Friendly

Household Mobility - Advice On Improving Mobility Around The House

Mobility Aids Advice - What Products Will Work Best For Your Mobility Requirements

Mobility Products That Maintain Your Independence - Get Advice On Leading Mobility Products

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