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Wheelchair Information

As mobility specialists we are wholly aware of the mobility concerns of elderly and immobile patients. However serious your disability, Collins Care is on hand to provide support and wheelchair information to ensure that your quality of life and independence is not affected.

At Collins Care we have a plethora of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories with differing specifications, so whatever your wheelchair requirements you will be able to find the perfect wheelchair for you.

We boast a collection of transit wheelchairs for life on the move, including heavy duty wheelchairs and specialist wheelchairs for long term use. We are sympathetic to the needs of wheelchair users and we understand that wheelchairs should be able to be moved with ease especially when you are in transit.

Additionally, we also have our finger on the pulse regarding numerous innovative wheelchair accessories that can accessorise wheelchairs for added comfort and assistance. Whether it is protection against the elements or practical everyday accessories there are life-changing mobility products on every page.


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