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Home safety products for the elderly

Telecare products have been designed to assist vulnerable and older people, and can also be used by a carer, friend or relative.

Telecare is about dignity and independence. Equipment is provided to support the individual in their home and tailored to meet their needs. It can be as simple as the basic community alarm service which is able to respond in an emergency, or it can be a medication reminder, it can include detectors or monitors such as a fall detector which can trigger a warning to a response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These items qualify for the relief of vat if you are a disabled person.

Emergency SOS Phone with two-way speech

We understand the value of your independence. Our new big button telephone gives you freedom whilst offering friends and family the reassurance of knowing you can obtain them no matter what.

A great safety product for the disabled or elderly living alone and concerned about falling. The phone comes with a wireless pendant that works on the same technology as your phone. The neck or wrist worn SOS button automatically calls five landline or mobile numbers set by you and allows you to talk through the button.

Like a normal telephone call, you can alert your friend or family member to your situation. They can take immediate action whether it is to call the emergency services or a neighbor or to arrange help with daily chores.

No contracts and no need for a central call centre, Just a one off purchase. Family or friends receive the SOS call.

Price £118.00 Inc vat £99.00 ex vat - view more on the SOS Phone

Home safety alert

The ideal solution for live in carers or mum and dad at home. This wireless paging system has two pendants covering a 30 meter range. There is a call button and panic button on each pendant.

The main unit receives and recognises who is calling and the urgency from the different sounding alarms and coloured light signals.

Price £46.00 Inc vat £39.00 ex vat - view more on the Home Safety Alert

Voice alert and accessories

A versatile alarm system for fall management with a choice of voice or 4 different alarm tones. This alert is designed to work with a range of sensor mats. The voice alert can be set up to cover a range of situations. A loud alarm can be upsetting or disorientating, so as well as a choice of alarm volume and flashing light the voice alert uniquely allows you to record a message in a voice familiar to the person. A well known voice is sometimes the prompt someone needs to stay calm and follow instructions.

Price Voice alert £45.00 Inc vat £37.50 ex vat alarm mats from £24.00 Inc vat £19.95 ex vat.

View more on our Voice Alerts

Talking big digit alarm clock

See and hear the time with our big digit talking alarm clock. The stylish, easy to see LCD alarm clock speaks the time and temperature at the touch of a button so no need to find your glasses or turn on the light in the middle of the night. Especially helpful for those with limited sight, the digits are an impressive 35mm tall and illuminated by a blue backlight.

£23.95 in vat £19.95 ex vat.

Along with the talking clocks we also stock a range of talking watches; each watch clearly speaks the time and date. Available in both digital and analogue.

Prices from £14.00

View our range of alarm clocks

This is a small range of the products we provide, if you are interested in any equipment designed to provide support in staying in your own home you can view our current products available in our online store.

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