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How specialist seating can reduce pain

Specialist Seating

Specialist seating is concerned with seating for individuals with special needs. Poor seating can lead to increased pain, particularly in the back, hips and neck, and decreased mobility and independence. A proper assessment of individual needs is important, in order to make sure that the correct piece of equipment is chosen. Collinscare offer solutions and support to increase the independence of disabled or elderly people as well as to improve the convenience of those who are caring for them. We have a wide range of high-quality products including various power and manual wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs, scooters and seating systems. We offer a full consultation and demonstration service.

Manual Specialist Wheelchair

Ibis, when comfort can make a difference. The multifunctional Ibis comfort wheelchair incorporates Handicare’s award-winning new Sedeo seating system, combining high adjustability with a wide range of support and positioning options. Modular in design, the highly adjustable Ibis can be easily customised to suit the requirements of each client, also in case of changing needs or re-use. While offering maximum comfort and excellent driving characteristics, the Ibis encourages the user to make maximum use of his/her own capabilities, thus enhancing independence. A low seat height – from 39 cm – allows for easy foot-propelling.

Puma 20 indoor/outdoor Powerchair, designed to empower you. Robust, practical and affordable, Puma 20 offers simply good driving in every situation. And many optional extras. Naturally, you expect your power wheelchair to take you comfortably wherever you want to go. And offer you all the essential functions you need for an active daily life. In short, a modern mobility product that fits your own lifestyle. This is fully reflected in Handicare’s brand new Puma 20

Ergonomic seating made easy, it is our belief that ergonomic seating is the basis of an optimal mobility solution. Clearly, good seating is highly personal by nature. It is all about creating a seating posture which makes it possible to achieve individual objectives related to physical support as well as social and practical challenges. This requires effective support of the body, particularly the pelvis and thorax areas. And naturally, optimal pressure distribution is essential to limit the risk of skin breakdown. All of this is fully reflected in the new, award-winning Sedeo seating system. Sedeo combines a highly adjustable seat frame - Sedeo Lite and Sedeo Pro - with a wide choice of support and positioning options, including a full range of high-quality seat cushions and backrests. It can be easily customised to suit individual requirements, and quickly adapted to changing needs. Providing ergonomics seating and enhanicing independence in everyday life.

Puma 40, lets you be yourself. A perfect blend of functionality, comfort and design, award-winning Puma 40 sets a new standard for intensive use indoors and outdoors. Enjoy excellent driving and maximum independence. And your own style. Naturally, you expect your power wheelchair to take you wherever you want to go - smoothly and comfortably. And offer you all the advanced functions you need for maximum independence. However, we also appreciate you want a stylish look that fits your lifestyle. That is why the puma 40 has been developed.

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