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Top Gadgets For Better Moblilty
The Circulation Booster

This medical device has been proven to improve circulation, reduce swelling, joint pain and numbness. The booster works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the nerve endings in the soles of the feet and to the lower leg which in turn, stimulates muscle contraction and improves circulation. Use for 30 minutes each day for best results. Unsuitable if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, epilepsy or DVT. £165.83

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Perching Stool

This range of perching stool are fitted with a PU ergonomically designed seat (and back/arm rest where applicable). The seats are robust, non slip in water environment, fire retardant and hygienic. The seats, arms and back contain hygienilac which makes them resistant to MRSA and other microbiological containments. The seats have a slight slope, ideal for perching at the sink or ironing board. They are all height adjustable from 540mm to 690mm or 21.24" to 27.25". Prices start from £51.91.

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The standard Harley Proform Range gives you maximum comfort for minimum outlay. Manufactured from high grade nodular foam allowing air to circulate freely, there are three types. Standard- for all round general comfort, Coccyx – this is designed to relieve pressure at the base of the spine and the Combi- which relives pressure on the bony bits. Prices start from £27.99

Tap Turners
These aesthetically designed tap turners fit easily onto crosshead style taps and act as conveinient levers making turning the tap on and off much easier. Made of high quality plastic, the tap turners are supplied in pairs with one red and one blue turner. The turners also feature a Braille symbol C and H making them useful for those with visual impairment. From £7.29.

Derby tap turners
Fits crosshead and crystal taps making them easier to turn. Hard wearing and easily fitted they provide outstanding grip with no tools. They are sold in packs of two. The width capacity for the tap turner is 60mm diameter. £19.49

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Soft grip, non-slip handy bar provides added comfort and safety when travelling or transferring in a car. Strong forged steel shaft creates a solid support handle bar where it is needed. Suitable for most vehicles. Also includes a seat belt cutter and glass breaker for emergencies. £24.99

Cane/Crutch Holder
Keeps Canes and crutches handy. A clip on holder balances the cane and a rubber pad helps keep the holder from sliding off the table. The cane/crutch holder securely grips a cane or crutch with a 16 to 25mm. £2.39

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Wheelchair Seat Covers
100% pure new wool. These wool wheelchair seat covers have the unique ability to absorb perspiration, thus preventing the skin from becoming clammy. This allows the skin to breath more effectively.

Wheelchair seat cover. £15.33.

Wheelchair seat and back cover. £22.99.

One Handed Tin Opener
A powerful yet simple tin opener designed to be safely used in one hand. Ideal for the elderly or disabled. Magnetic holder for the tin lid, mains operated for extra power and economy. £24.50

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Table Top Fingernail Clipper
The table top fingernail clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non slip feet. The large finger pad provides comfort and good leverage. The stainless steel clipper has a curved edge. £11.89

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