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Bathroom Mobility Aids - Stay Safe In The Bathroom With Mobility Aids
Bathing Aids Information
Taking a bath can become difficult for some but help is at hand and we would like to guide you through some products that can make a difference.

Grab Rails
A well positioned grab rail can really help and prevent falls. There are a number of different types available. If you need a fixed rail then the Prima Grab Rails are ideal as they have special soft grip mouldings to reduce the risk off slipping.

Bath Tub Grab Bar
This is a great mobility aid, as it is easy to attach to your bath and can steady you getting in and out as it fixes to the outside edge. Combine this with a well positioned grab rail on the wall and a nonslip bath matt and you have complete peace of mind for a relaxing bath.

Bath Lift
If getting in and out is difficult you may need a bath lift. However which one, how much should you pay and what should you look out for. There are two main types. Both lower you in and out but only one offers you a reclining option. we would advise visiting your local mobility store that is BHTA registered and seeing what models they have available. we would recommend the Sonaris bath lift by Homecraft as the deluxe version. This is light, has a high reclining angle and fits low in the bath. If you really want to sit flat in the bath, the Bath Buddy is an alternative and is an air cushion that inflates and deflates in the bath but does allow you to lie on the bottom of the bath.

Walk In Bath
If none of the above are suitable as the difficulty is lifting the leg over the bath then a walk in bath is an option. Two main types. One that you walk into and sit down on a ledge and the bath is nearer waist height. The other is like a standard bath with a small door at one end. We would recommend asking your local mobility shop or contacting your local council to see if they have a list of builders who they recommend to install these. There are national companies that will come and install them and we would recommend Mobility Plus on 0800 0776 212 as a good place to start. Also some kitchen and bathroom centres now do them. Expect to pay anything from £1,500 upwards.

Shower Stools
For some a shower is more preferable and a shower stool is an essential item as it allows you to relax in the shower. These can either be fixed to the wall or be portable lightweight and can be circular, triangular (to fit in a corner) or oblong. We would recommend the Dino shower stool from by Able 2, as it has side handles that offer stability and is height adjustable.

Bath/Shower Mats
Long, short, blue and white you choose. There are two main types:

1. Rubber
2. Soft textured fabric.

Rubber bath mats start from £8.99 and have not changed much over the years. The soft textured ones come in blue and white and are mould and mildew resistant and are machine washable made by a company called Isagi (It Seemed A Good Idea) and have a soft natural feel, instilling confidence. They are a far superior product and start from £14.95

Shower Sandle
A relatively new gadget this sticks to the shower floor by a number of suction cups and is like a scrubbing brush turned upside down, but gentler. You can slip your foot into it and wash your feet without having to bend down. We think that it is a great idea and is should be available from good mobility stores at around £30.99.

Raised Toilet Seat
Raised toilet seats are invaluable if standing from the sitting position is difficult. They are especially ideal for people who have recently had a hip replacement and fit easily to most lavatories. The sizes can vary from 2 inches to 4 inches and you can get padded ones.

Cast Protectors
Just because your arm or leg is in plaster should not stop you having a bath or shower. Cast protectors slip over the cast or dressing, are waterproof and re-useable which ensure great value for money.

Bath Pillow
Bath Pillows are recommended for those at risk of developing pressure sores, this inflatable pillow is covered in terry cloth and is attached with suction cups to avoid slipping.

Long Handled Sponge/Lotion Applicators
For those hard to reach areas there are a number of long handled sponges and lotion applicators available starting from £9.56

Some of the products are designed specifically for the relief of chronic illness or disability and may be purchased by those eligible, without paying VAT. We have quoted the Vat free prices on these products and if you do not qualify for VAT relief you must pay the VAT. To find out more please visit to see if you are eligible.

For more information on any of the above please either call Collins Care on 01603 483 883 or visit Alternatively visit your local mobility store and make sure they are part of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and abide by their code of practice.

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