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Our Selection of Gadgets That Make Bathing Easier
Taking a bath can become difficult for some but help is at hand and I would like to guide you through some products that can make a difference.

Grab rails

A well positioned grab rail can really help and prevent falls. There are a number of different types available. The Suction Grab Rail allows you to put it exactly where you want it most, without the need for fixings £20.41. If you need a fixed rail then the moulded fluted grab rails are ideal, they are a cost effective range of plastic rails and because the rails are fluted they provide better grip for wet hands, they are available in four lengths, prices start from £9.99.

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Prima Bath Step

Attractive mint coloured pads provide a better grip for the user when wet. The step has a soft underneath, reducing the risk of slipping. The step can be linked to create a multiple step or platform arrangement. This attractive step has been designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier, it is 4inches high. £63.99

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Shower stools

For some a shower is more preferable and a shower stool is an essential item as it allows you to relax in the shower. These can either be fixed to the wall £90.00, can be portable, lightweight and can be circular £33.33, triangular (to fit in a corner) £80.00 or rectangular, I would recommend the Dino shower stool as it has side handles that offer stability and is height adjustable. £38.33

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Slatted Bath seats

Many people who experience discomfort when lowering into a bath use a bath seat. The slatted bath seat provides a strong, comfortable and quick draining seat. The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water, the seat is held securely in place by four strong suckers on each leg. The seat size is 11x18” and they are available in three heights, 6”, 8” and 12”. Prices start from £29.99

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Bath Boards

The average bath makes getting in and out difficult as we get older or if we have a disability. These boards are designed to assist people who find it a struggle to step in and out. The board stretches across the top of the bath thus eliminating the need to lower into the water. There are a couple of different types, slatted as the bath seats, they are strong and comfortable and provide easy drainage, they are light weight and easy to assemble and fit, rubber pads are under the bath board to prevent slipping on the edge of the bath, the seat width is 9” and they are available in three lengths, 26”, 27” and 28” priced at £24.99

Bath Board with Handle

For ease of transfer and added security, this moulded plastic bath board is supplied complete with handle. Providing a comfortable contoured seating area for sitting whilst bathing, it has well spaced holes for drainage. The width adjustable brackets have an anti slip rubber pads to give a stable platform and protect the baths surface. Length 27”, width 11” £37.49

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Bath/shower mats

Long, short or square. There are two main types, rubber or Soft textured fabric. Rubber ones start from £9.99 and have not changed much over the years. The soft textured ones come in white and are mould and mildew resistant and are machine washable, they are made by a company called Isagi and have a soft natural feel, they are a far superior product and start from £10.21 for a shower mat and £17.35 for a bath mat.

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Toilet Surround

A toilet surround offers more support for raising and lowering when using the toilet. An adjustable height white plastic coated steel toilet frame with comfortable moulded arm rests and non slip rubber tips, designed to overcome difficulties when lowering and rising from a toilet, height adjustability to suit a variety of users, by using the arm rests the user can easily push themselves up and away from the toilet. £48.33

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Raised Toilet seats

When buying a raised toilet seat there are many things to take into account, such as how much do you need to raise it? It really depends on your height, the toilet seat comes in three heights 2 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches, most people find 4” most suitable as 2” is not really enough and 6” is too much but it’s down to each individual. To make rising and lowering so much easier for people with stiff or painful joints. A clean, white contoured seat fixes securely with two side adjusters. Lightweight yet strong with an optional lid that acts as a bathroom seat. Prices from £25.41

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Cast Protectors

Just because your arm or leg is in plaster should not stop you having a bath or shower. The cast protector simply slips over the cast or dressing on either the leg or arm to protect them while taking a bath or shower, they are re-useable. £14.99

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Bath pillow

Recommended for those at risk of developing pressure sores this inflatable pillow is covered in terry cloth and is attached with suction cups to avoid slipping, it provides cushioning between the bath and the users skin. £7.19

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Long Handled net sponge

This long handled net body washer is a luxurious alternative to a brush or sponge. The scrunched-up net encourages the soap to lather, providing a more enjoyable wash. The curved handle allows difficult areas to be washed, especially for those with restricted reach. The handle has a loop to enable it to be hung up in the bath or shower. Length 380mm (15"). £8.15

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Lotion Applicator

This applicator is ideal for applying lotions, creams, oils or skin medication to your full body. Removes necessity for bending when applying to legs or feet £14.16, replacement pack of two pads £6.99

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Safety Treads

These prevent slipping in a shower or bath with these easy to apply safety treads. Non slip strips measure 19mmx22mm sold in packs of 20 strips. £7.99

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