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Eating Aids - Enjoy Meal Times Even With Limited Co-Ordination or Mobility
Enjoying meal times and good food is one of the few pleasures mobility sufferers can still have. No-one wants to be chasing their food around their plate all evening, which can prove a frustrating and soul-destroying experience. Nevertheless, there is salvation on the horizon with an impressive array of eating aids available for customers with limited co-ordination and/or mobility.

Many of these eating aids are incredibly simple but extremely effective and can save a lot of wasted effort and energy. For example, the Food Guard is a simple guard that can be fitted onto ordinary plates to prevent the spillage of food, aid food collection and assist with one-handed eating.

There are similarly helpful innovations that enable mobility sufferers to hold and carry plates to avoid burnt fingers and avoidable pain. The Coolhand Plate Grip grips the plate and releases it as simply as using your hand, using the power of leverage so that the entire hand takes the weight – ideal for arthritis sufferers with limited dexterity.

As we grow older it is normal that we lose our appetite now and again. Therefore there may be the odd occasion when you just don’t fancy your food at that precise moment. In which case, a Stay Warm Feeding Dish may come in handy as an insulator to keep food warm for later in the day. A chamber under the plate is easily filled with warm water, keeping food warm for longer.

Eating in the comfort of your own living room is understandable if you suffer from significant pain or a lack of stamina. A Freehand Tray with Non-Slip Mat is just the ticket to ensure you can sit in your favourite armchair and eat a healthy meal to your heart’s content.

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