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Toilet Aids - Design with Safety, Personal Hygiene and Practicality in Mind
Personal hygiene is a particularly important part of everyday life for mobility sufferers and the elderly. As a result toilet aids are designed to help those with limited mobility. These are manufactured to make going to the toilet easier and a more comfortable experience.

Not only are these toilet aids extremely innovative and forward-thinking, they are safe and durable for everyday use. Customer dignity is a major concern for mobility specialists, who want to ensure that customers are looked after. Incontinence pads are used to deal with minor accidents, with a waterproof backing and a super absorbent polymer making the pads less bulky and more absorbent. Toilet use can be made more comfortable with the addition of a Bidet Bowl, an ideal solution to personal cleaning. The bowl fits nicely inside a toilet seat converting a standard toilet to a bidet simply and effectively.

Stiff and sore joints can make sitting down and standing up from a toilet seat particularly uncomfortable. However, a Prima Raised Toilet Seat can solve this problem, with a gently contoured surface that fixes securely to the seat for better positioning. The large aperture at the front of the raised toilet seat allows for personal cleansing and the rear aperture gives clearance for the coccyx as well as allowing for rear personal hygiene.

Cleansing in hard to reach places has also been made easier with the new Easywipe which overcomes the drawbacks of any existing wiping devices and ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult.

Finally, just walking and manoeuvring yourself to the toilet seat can be an awkward, dangerous task if balance and mobility is impaired. However, it is possible to install Fold Away Grab Rails that provide instant support as well as having the ability to be stored away against the wall when not in use for aesthetic purposes.

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