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Can Openers & Jar Openers - A Wide Range of Openers for Everyday Tasks
Daily cooking and cleaning tasks can take it out of the best of us, but for mobility sufferers and the elderly, these processes can become even more of a chore and a physical strain. Nevertheless, a wide range of can openers and jar openers are available on the market to help. Not only are these mobility products innovative and save, they are incredibly practical and can be used on various bottles and safety caps.

The Multi Grip Jar Opener helps make light work of opening any jar, ideal for people that lack strength in their hands. With a joint pressure and turning movement, the safety cap placed on top of the jar is easily unscrewed. Additional products such as the Jar Pop Key Jar Opener offer an additional way to open a jar, with a patented design. The Jar Pop Key is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift the vacuum is released and the lid can be easily unscrewed.

Opening a can poses a similarly tricky problem for mobility sufferers, particularly with the added safety issue of avoiding cuts from the sharp edges of an open can. The Good Grips Locking Can Opener is a great dishwasher-safe kitchen aid, with a lock release button and over-sized handle for better grip when opening cans.

If a patient is only able to use one hand for tasks such as these then the One Handed Tin Opener will work perfectly with its powerful yet simple design giving the user independence and freedom in the kitchen.

All of the kitchen aids on sale from mobility specialists Collins Care are designed with improving customers independence and enjoyment of cooking and particularly eating which should never feel like a chore!

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