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Mobility Walkers & Rollators
Mobility walkers & rollators enable the user to walk and shop adding stability and security to offer independence and confidence. Most walkers also function as a seat to take a rest on.

1) Steel Tri Wheeled Walkers

These are a high quality walker made from strong steel, they are extremely durable making it ideal for everyday use, excellent value for money, it features easy to operate loop brakes, which provide secure stopping and lock into place for security. The handles are height adjustable to ensure the correct position for the user. It folds easily for transportation and storage and will remain upright when in the folded position. The walker is available in three colours, chrome, blue and burgundy, comes with a free shopping bag. Weight 6.5kg. £55.00

2) Aluminium Tri Wheeled Walker

The Aluminium Tri walker is a light weight alternative to the steel walker above. It also features easy to operate loop brakes, which provide secure stopping and lock into place for security and the handles adjust to ensure the correct position for the user. Also available in three colours, chrome, blue and burgundy. Comes with a free shopping bag Weight 4.2kg. £85.00

3) Aluminium Tri walker with a seat.

Called the triumph, it is light yet surprisingly strong. It is solidly constructed from high quality aluminium. The triumphs fitted with one touch locking lever brakes which operate like those on a bicycle unlike the steel and the aluminium tri walkers the triumph features a seat which is designed for occasional use e.g. for short rests, the seat folds away easily when not in use making it more compact than your average four wheeled walker, for your comfort there is a padded backrest fitted to this model. This model also comes with a built in shopping bag providing generous carrying space and a factory fitted walking stick holder. Weight 6.5kg. £210.00

4) Four wheeled walker with seat

The four wheeled walker is made from light weight aluminium which is easily manoeuvrable prompting independence inside and outside of the home. Looped brakes can be locked to give the user additional confidence when resting in a seated or standing position. It has a padded seat and backrest to provide comfort when seated. A handy basket for carrying shopping comes as standard and hangs under the seat, it also features the height adjustable handles as on the tri walkers and It folds easily for storage and transportation. Weight 7.6kg £100.00

Additional options for walkers

1) Basket and Tray for tri walker

Vinyl coated steel basket, which attaches between the handles of the tri wheels. £6.80. The tray fits neatly on top of the basket. £2.59.

Walker specifically for indoor use

1) Lets go indoor rollator

The Lets Go Indoor Rollator is an entirely new and practical walking aid. It is light, flexible and beautifully designed for indoor use in the home, hospital or care home. It is comfortable to use and easy to manoeuvre over carpet and household thresholds, and it is perfect for getting into narrow spaces such as toilets and bathrooms.

The hand operated brakes are easy to apply and can be used as parking brakes. The handle is soft and comfortable and can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. The brakes are also linked together so that both brakes can be operated with just one hand.

The Lets Go comes with a useful carry bag and clip on tray, which is ideal for transporting drinks, plates or any other small lightweight items from room to room. The Lets Go can be neatly folded away when not in use or for transporting in a car. Weight 6kg. £144.67

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