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Mobility Cups - Specialist Handle Cups at Meal Times
Old age and illness can make meal times an embarrassing occasion; however there are solutions to solve any drama with a fantastic range of mobility cups. Mobility specialists are desperate for mobility sufferers to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee without the fear of dropping or spilling warm liquid over themselves.

There are innovative designs of mobility cups that even allow customers to drink comfortably whilst lying down. The Novo Cup Disabled Cup allows the user to completely control the rate of flow without the need to be propped up by carers.

Insulated mugs are also great value, with a polypropylene mug keeping liquids hot or cold as necessary and are break-resistant to avoid the possibility of accidents and spillages.

The possibility of a spillage is further reduced with both the Handycup and the Nosey Cup which boast angled edges so that a person can drink without tipping their head back. The large base of the cups help to prevent tipping and is designed for people with weak grips, limited neck movement or a person in a wheelchair with a head-rest.

Customers need not fear that their chance to use attractive china is done and dusted. Mobility specialists supply a lightweight China Cup and Saucer, with double handles for those with poor grip to provide additional stability and improve quality of life.

Although there appears to be a stigmatism from mobility sufferers forced to use mobility cups and mugs, mobility specialists Collins Care take the strain and provide aesthetically pleasing alternatives to improve and maintain morale.

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