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Mobility Aids - Increase Your Level of Confidence and Safety
Years ago mobility sufferers were forced to suffer in silence but great modern day innovations have allowed patients to choose the right mobility aids to increase their level of confidence and safety in and out of the home. Not only can these mobility products keep you on your feet, they can also protect against potential damage and injury in the future.

There are a host of mobility aids for legs, with folding adjustable walking sticks offering excellent support, while the folding walking stick seat acts as an effective support during walking whilst providing a place to sit and rest when needed.

Transferring in and out of a car can be a significantly awkward and sometimes painful experience. However, the soft transfer seat provides a soft, padded flexible turning disc allowing users to swivel and transfer from vehicles to wheelchairs without painful jarring or twisting.

It can be a nightmare searching for the most suitable crutch to use whilst recovering from an injury or operation. Tailored adjustable crutches are available with mobility specialists Collins Care providing comfort grip adjustable crutches designed to support the pressure of the palm whilst providing adjustable leg and forearm sections for a custom fit.

Walking frames remain a particularly popular choice when searching for walking mobility aids. Not only are they sturdy they are agile enough to give users freedom of movement.

Independence and safety are the primary concerns for mobility specialists, who look to improve everyday lives in a safety-conscious manner. Collins Care provides a wealth of mobility information online.

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