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Weather Mobility - Protecting Yourself from the Elements
With the summer well and truly on the way and holidays on the horizon it is important to prepare and protect yourself against the elements for maximum comfort. Mobility sufferers will be wishing to use the wheelchair to get out and about, so avoiding the rain and even the glare of the sun is vital.

A simple yet effective method of guarding against rain and sunlight is the Wheelybrella. It includes a flexible arm allowing for all angles of positioning from the back of a wheelchair. It provides complete rain and sun protection with a simple clamp to fasten the Wheelybrella to the chair.

The warmer, humid weather also has the potential to cause damage to hands with blisters and sores. Globaleather wheelchair gloves include a padded thumb and padding to areas of the palm for comfort, while a breathable stretch backing and cuffs ensures hands remain cool.

At the other end of the spectrum there are weather wheelchair accessories to protect against the chill and the rain. A wheely poncho is a fully waterproof garment suitable for wheelchair use, accommodating all handles and is quick and easy to put on during sudden showers.

There are occasions when protection from low temperatures and the rain is needed. The wheely cosy can keep you warm on those harsh winter days with its seam sealed, fully waterproof cover and added polyester fur inner lining – perfect for that winter fireworks display or festive walk in the park.

Weather mobility products allow users to accessorise their wheelchairs and scooters for added comfort and assistance helping you stay mobile and on the move.

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