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Orthopaedic Beds - A Comfortable Nights Sleep for all
A combination of old age and debilitating illnesses can pose significant problems for mobility sufferers merely striving to find a comfortable night’s sleep. While tailored armchairs provide welcome daytime relief, it can be extremely difficult to find a bed and a sympathetic mattress to provide support around the clock.

Orthopaedic beds offer an instant solution, with a range of products that can help you sleep safely as well as comfortably. These beds not only offer the highest level of functionality but they are safe and incredibly easy to operate for all ages.

For many, orthopaedic beds are the ultimate night time indulgence while for others they are only seen as an essential medical marvel. These hand-built adjustable beds are able to provide comfort and support at the touch of a button, both at the upper and lower areas of the body. The mattress is capable of being raised and tilted to ensure you are able to watch television or lift your feet in comfort – the choice is yours.

Additional tailored orthopaedic beds from mobility specialists Collins Care include the Casa Med Classic FS. With its stringent safety criteria without compromising on quality, the 4-section mattress supports and consists of a sturdy tubular frame equipped with individual motor systems for intricate movement. The bed comes with optional length side rails to protect against avoidable injury in the middle of the night.

One of the most impressive orthopaedic beds on the market is the Casa Med Classic Low, capable of brightening up any room with its classic design and attractive wood finish. This includes all the impressive features of the Casa Med Classic FS with the system allowing adjustment of the head and foot sections as well as height adjustment of the bed ends.

For peace of mind and a significantly more comfortable night’s sleep, purchase an orthopaedic bed with its ability to instantly prove a sound investment.

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