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Household Electrical Aids - Safe Electrical Products for Everyday Life
With the advances of technology we all want to make the most of the innovations on the market and for the elderly and mobility sufferers there are an increasing number of household electrical aids that are simply perfect for everyday life.

Household electrical aids that are safe and easy to use are like gold dust for mobility sufferers, who simply want an efficient way to complete simple tasks with reduced physical strain.

In fact it is not just patients with physical mobility issues that require household aids, with products tailored to partially sighted patients such as the Amplicom PowerTel Mobile M5000U Mobile Phone. This mobile handset with big display, buttons and extra loud ring tones is perfect for customers who struggle to reach a wired telephone. The handset works with either a Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly SIM card, allowing users to slot it in and make calls and text messages instantly. The handset has enough battery charge for up to 120 minutes’ talk-time and can store three short dial numbers which can dial out at the touch of a single button – ideal for emergencies.

Customers that have difficulty hearing a standard telephone ring whilst upstairs or in the garden should also consider a Plug-in Telephone Amplifier, which allows you to hear the telephone ring tone in virtually any room in the house. The product requires no setup or wiring and can just plug in and work instantly.

Although electrical blackouts are now very few and far between in this country, it is important to have backup plans in the case of mobility impaired and elderly customers. A Safe-T-Light is an all-in-one power failure and night light device which is also fitted with a detachable torch suitable for home use. The Safe-T-Light provides low level lighting in hallways and landings to assist in preventing accidents. Meanwhile in electrical blackouts it provides emergency light for up to 8 hours.

While these household electrical aids may seem trivial, they are exceedingly useful in difficult situations and are everyday products that should not be taken for granted.

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