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Portable Urinals - Discrete and Effective Toilet Aids
Staying comfortable

Naturally it is important for mobility sufferers to ensure that they are comfortable, clean and fresh when they are on the move. Feeling conscious of needing the toilet and enduring unwanted mishaps can be a thing of the past with portable urinals that competently alleviate the stress of finding a toilet.

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Discreet solutions

We stock the Travel John Portable Urinal, which is a discrete and disposable urinal that is simply perfect to use for day excursions and holidays. Even fit and healthy music festivalgoers may consider purchasing this portable urinal as it can help them avoid the mass crowds and the limited toilet facilities. The Travel John Portable Urinal is suitable for men, women and children alike and turns the liquid inside the urinal into gel for clean, efficient disposing.

Male Urinals

Additionally, there are male portable urinals with a lid with the ability to hold up to 1 litre of liquid and can be emptied easily, making it an ideal option for mobility sufferers who find themselves largely bed-ridden due to illness and old age.

Female Urinals

Similarly, female urine bottles are available to purchase, with an ergonomically designed spout to make the user feel more comfortable. Again, this is a good option for bed-ridden patients as well as mobility sufferers who remain independent but wish to guard against the fear of being caught short. There is also a tailored Female Urinal that is specifically ideal wheelchair use whilst protected by a ‘Bio-cote’ Advanced Surface Hygiene to avoid the spread of germs.

For a practical toileting solution for use at any time of the day or night, portable urinals sit at the top of the pile.

Out best selling urinals

Travel John Portable Urinal The Travel John is a discreet, portable and disposable urinal and ideal for situations when toilet facilities are limited or when travelling. £10.99
Female Urine Bottle This female urinal bottle is made from clear plastic, with its cleverly designed spout this makes the user feel comfortable. £10.99
Male Urinal with Lid A simple design very useful in the home and when travelling, a low cost urinal solution. £4.99
Female Urinal A budget female Urinal with snap on lid and calibrated for out recording. £5.69

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