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Elderly & Disabled Leisure Activities - Great Products to Help you Enjoy your Leisure Time
Mobility sufferers who struggle to venture outside to enjoy a great variety of leisure activities can now keep their mind active with an array of elderly and disabled leisure activities supplied by mobility specialists, Collins Care.

Some leisure activities are a struggle for people with reduced dexterity in their hands, but innovative and life-changing products are available to maintain favourite hobbies. The Automatic Needle Threader makes threading needles easy, even with poor eyesight or shakey hands. Knitting and crafts is no longer a barrier with a threader.

Short-sighted card players across the nation will breathe a sigh of relief with the LoVision Playing Cards and Large Playing Cards providing a legitimate option for mobility sufferers to return to playing the social card games that have been enjoyed for decades.

Avid crossword goers and book readers will be particularly interested in the Lap Desk, which is the perfect portable partner to balance newspapers, paper, laptops and books. The Lap Desk creates a stable workstation by moulding securely to your lap with a hard and durable surface allowing it to be used on a daily basis.

If your eyesight proves a problem when reading newspapers, books or magazines then a Full Page Magnifier works instantly to magnify an entire newspaper page of text at one time. The Full Page Magnifier can reduce eyestrain and make reading maps, newspapers and other documents an absolute breeze.

Writing and drawing are pastimes and hobbies that can be enjoyed at any time during the day. However, holding a pencil and maintaining the pressure exerted on a pen or pencil can be tiresome. Soft Pencil Grips reduce fatigue and their contoured design fits comfortably in your hand to ensure a consistently comfortable non-slip grip.

There are ways and means of enjoying your leisure time despite any mobility constraints. Collins Care mobility products help you make the most of your hobbies and interests.

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