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Mobility Hoists - The Ideal Way to Transfer from Beds and Chairs
Mobility hoist technology

Elderly and immobile patients do have a solution to getting up and about and away from the confines of their bedroom. Mobility hoists and slings are fantastic to transfer people in and out of bed into a wheelchair or sofa. Built to withstand the weight of a patient and keep them safe and secure, the latest mobility hoists are also electrically operated and therefore very easy to use in the home.

The physical demands of moving around the house can be too much for many elderly people to bear. Meanwhile neurological diseases generally lead to impaired mobility and the need for equipment that works in both the bedroom and the bathroom – transferring from beds, baths and even living room sofas.

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Our choice of the best mobility hoists

At Collins Care we offer a range of mobility hoists suitable for everyone that are really easy to operate – from electrical to manual hoists for both disabled and elderly patients. The ultimate manual sling that provides comfort and support is the Oxford Full Back Sling, which contains integrated head support. This is also built for manoeuvrability and ease of lifting for carers and nurses.

The rigours of being hoisted two to three times a day can be physically tiring for an elderly or disabled person. That’s why the innovative Slip Fit Sling takes the physical strain away with its easy application and removal whilst supporting the head, shoulders, back and legs.

Aside from a manual sling, lifting can be made easier with durable hydraulic and electrical hoists available at Collins Care. Combined with the right sling, a hydraulic hoist is the easiest way for transferring an elderly or disabled person with the minimum physical strain. With a high lifting capacity and lightweight structure, the Oxford Major 190 is perfect for both nursing and institutional care.

Out top manual and mechanical mobilty hoists

1 Oxford Access Sling The Access Sling has been designed specifically to facilitate toileting.
2 Oxford Full Back Sling The full back sling is a fully supportive sling incorporating an integral head support and designed for comfort and ease of lifting.
3 Hammock Sling The Hammock Sling offers an enclosed lift with excellent support for the sacral area, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. Suitable for clients with above knee amputations, subject to risk assessment.
4 Oxford Stowaway 140 The Oxford Stowaway 140 is a folding version of the Oxford Mini 140 and is therefore particularly suitable for the care home and domestic environment. It is ideal where a lightweight, transportable hoist is required or where there is a need to lift in confined spaces.
5 Oxford Maxi 170 Electric Hoist The Oxford Maxi 170 is a true heavyweight contender with a maximum lift height from the floor of almost 2m. The Maxi can lift patients onto almost all residential and nursing home surfaces.
5 Oxford Major 190 The Oxford Major 190 is the perfect cross over product for both nursing and institutional care. Its high lifting capacity (190kg) and lightweight design allow the Major to work well in almost all settings. Available in both electric and hydraulic versions.
6 Slip Fit Sling An innovative idea, this sling is designed for easy application and removal for clients requiring specialist seating or moulded chairs. It supports the head, shoulders, back and legs and features a commode aperture for toileting and access.

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