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Medication Aids - Stay Organised for the Day or Week Ahead
As time goes by we begin to become more reliant on medication to control and regulate numerous health conditions that are picked up either through old age or hereditary links. It can become a mind-boggling task juggling a cacophony of tablets, but mobility specialists, Collins Care sell a range of medication aids that enable you to stay organised and in control of any illness.

An effective way of organising your medication is to purchase a 7 day extra large pill box, which enables the patient to dispense a number of pills into labelled daily compartments leaving you no excuse not to keep on top of your health.

If swallowing and digesting medication pills is somewhat difficult due to a number of reasons, our pill crusher works to grind pills down effortlessly into powder to comfortably swallow. Meanwhile the pill splitter safely and effectively cuts tablets into smaller sizes, eliminating mess and the potential inaccuracies of dividing medication.

If you are looking for something a little bit more subtle and luxurious to organise your weekly medication, then the tapestry pill case is a charming product, with daily trays organised to store medication for morning, noon and night.

It is vitally important that you take a dedicated interest in your daily and weekly medication. Collins Care’s medication aids provide consumers with the opportunity to stay organised for the days and weeks ahead with simple and effective products.

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