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Bathing Accessories - Making Bath Time a Joy Once Again
Mobility impairments can make even the most simple everyday chores and activities physically and mentally draining. Staying clean and refreshed in the bathroom can be difficult if you are physically unable to climb into the bath or reach awkward, sensitive areas to clean.

Thoughtful and innovative bathing accessories from mobility specialists Collins Care are both tough and durable, and work to enhance mobility to wash, clean and use your bathroom with the greatest of ease.

Sometimes the most simple of bathing accessories can be the most effective and increase confidence to make bath time a joy once again. It may be as basic as a non-slip shower mat or a prima bath step with no tools at all required – no matter how big or small, bathing accessories can and do make a significant difference to personal hygiene.

The best way to clean and refresh hard-to-reach areas is with a long-handled sponge. Mounted on a lightweight aluminium handle, the sponges are great for cleaning both yourself and the bathroom with minimum physical intensity. The Body Car body washer works along the same lines with its curved handle both flexible and accommodating in awkward areas.

Patients confined to permanent or near-permanent bed rest would benefit from the deluxe shampoo basin, which provides a no-splash solution to washing hair in bed. This is particularly important to halt dry skin and dandruff conditions that inevitably occur with bed-ridden patients.

It is a fact of life that many people approaching old age require dentures. Keeping these dentures clean and fresh can be difficult if cleaning proves tiresome. The suction denture brush cleans dentures easily with just one hand with its suction feet holding the dentures securely in position.

If bath time continues to get you down in the dumps, visit Collins Care and see if they can brighten up your day with bathing accessories designed to work with any reduced mobility that you may have.

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