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Falls Management - Save Lives & Serious Injury
Suffering a serious fall can pose a number of potentially life-changing consequences. Broken bones can lead to permanent disability. Such accidents and falls can occur just as easily both in the home and out and about.

Serious falls and broken bones are even more serious when involving elderly patients, who have older, more brittle bones that can take a very long time to heal – in some worst cases, never. Therefore falls management has never been more important in the lives of mobility impaired sufferers.

Being prepared for an accident can avoid such healing and recovery complications. The Hip Shield is the perfect accompaniment for people recovering or recovered from hip problems in the past. It is designed to absorb any impact injuries sustained on the hip bone, deflecting the impact. The bonus regarding this product is that it is not only comfortable but it is very discreet too. The shield slides into the protector pants that can be worn underneath trousers and skirts and can be worn unobtrusively day and night.

Elderly people that live on their own or out of immediate reach of assistance would also benefit from the Voice Alert device. Designed for the more vulnerable individual it is flexible and can be used in a variety of situations. Following a potential accident or fall the user can pull a cord to trigger a recorded voice message or a choice of four tone alarms with the aim of creating attention.

The Voice Alert device is ideal to alert carers when a vulnerable individual has fallen over, left a particular room or situation or is potentially endangering themselves.

Mobility specialists Collins Care ensure that you and your body are safe guarded with a range of falls management equipment.

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