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Kitchen Aids - Making Everyday Kitchen & Dining Duties a Little Easier
We all know how potentially hazardous the kitchen area can be. Even the able-bodied amongst us can vouch for the perils that so often lurk behind cupboards and drawers. That’s why mobility specialists, Collins Care provide a host of innovative dining and kitchen aids, designed to take the physical and mental strain of cooking and preparation.

The premise of many of our Kitchen Aids is that they have a significantly larger surface area than standard appliances and are the perfect option for users with a lack of movement in joints and muscles.
Practical ring pull and screw cap openers mean no more broken fingernails and sore fingers from opening cans, whilst leaving your kitchen surface areas clear from unwanted food stains. If using a knife and fork often proves to be tiresome and a real challenge, attaching a Food Guard onto the back of your plate aids food collection and makes one-handed eating somewhat easier.

Preparing your vegetables and fruit has never been easier with a Good Grips Y Peeler and Good Grips Swivel Peeler working with minimal wrist movement whilst maintaining a secure grip even when wet.

From cutting bread to carving meat, our right angled carving knives are designed to be used in a natural, stress-free position that places minimal pressure on joints and muscles.

There are so many innovative products that there are too many to do justice in one single article, but rest assured Collins Care kitchen aids ensure a safer and enjoyable meal time.

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