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Stair Lifts - An Easy Transition between Upstairs & Downstairs
Owners of homes with more than one floor may struggle to get up and downstairs if they suffer from old age and mobility problems. The fear of an accident can force sufferers into losing their independence within their own home, but stair lifts make perfect sense, with an easy transition between two floors.

Stair lifts have grown in popularity over the last decade as technology and designs have become well advanced to provide solutions in all manner of homes. Depending on the shape and size of your staircase, fitting a stair lift can be a very simple process. Straight staircases are naturally the easiest to adapt, but the latest stair lifts can cope with moving around corners with ease.

The comfort and safety that is guaranteed with a stair lift means that you will feel confident about making the move from one floor to the other. Stair lifts are capable of supporting most weights of people, with specially adapted lifts available for the larger-built patient.

An Acorn Superglide Stair lift could ultimately transform your life. It boasts a smooth stop/start action to ensure no sudden movements, while the swivel seat and foot rest enables users to turn out of the stair lift and walk, or into a wheelchair. Meanwhile a rechargeable battery system allows your stair lift to remain in action even during power outages.

Although a stair lift is a significant life investment, it can put a stop to patients risking their wellbeing by using a staircase despite a lack of mobility. Make the most of a stair lift and allay any fears of personal injury whilst keeping you mobile and active around the house.

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