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Disability Aids - Discover a New Lease of Life
Being diagnosed with a disabling illness or suffering mobility-impairing injuries can seem like the end of the world. Worries about being unable to maintain the quality of life to which you were previously accustomed to are entirely natural. Nevertheless, there are ways and means of overcoming these disabilities.

There is no hiding that life can turn on its head due to a disability, whether it be bone and joint problems such as arthritis, nervous system problems such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease or organ-related issues like Diabetes.

Depending on your level of disability the number of disability aids you require is likely to fluctuate. Patients in the early stages of neurological and joint problems will still wish to remain independent and walk to complete menial tasks such as food shopping and banking.

Mobility accessories can make a huge difference with people’s independence. Tri Walker’s and 4 Wheel Walker’s have the ability to increase a person’s level of confidence and safety when moving both in the home and outside.

If mobility is sufficiently impaired that a person requires a wheelchair, Collins Care offers a superb range of durable heavy duty and lightweight wheelchairs with differing specifications to meet a number of personal requirements.

The relapsing nature of neurological illnesses means that patients eventually become bed-ridden and unable to move without significant assistance. Both manual and electric Mobility hoists are the ideal disability aids for bed-ridden people, to support both elderly and disabled sufferers.
Collins Care disability aids are designed to look after your wellbeing and a variety of medication products are also available providing adequate support in your hour of need.

Many corrective disability aids can also help sufferers discover a new lease of life. Hip-replacement products can protect and reduce the risk of future fractures. Meanwhile protective bathroom and toilet products allow patients to use their bath as often as they wish to sooth away the aches and pains that disability invariably causes.

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