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Mobility Aids For Arthritis
Our top 10 products designed to help arthritis suffers

There are 100s of different types of arthritis with the main ones being Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. We have picked products that allow you to continue to do some of the daily tasks you have always enjoyed doing. We have even chosen something that will help you to continue doing the ironing; you may want to keep that one to yourself!

If you think we have missed out any product then please do get in touch and we can update our list based on your feedback. We have a category set up just for arthritis sufferer products so please do click through and have a browse at you leisure.

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Below are some of the more useful aids to help with everyday tasks.

1 Hand rails on walls Strategically placed around the house, especially near steps, they can help steady you and they come in a selection of different colours with soft grip mouldings. The Prima range are particularly good. From £8.96
2 Long handled Sponges/lotion applicators Both these gadgets can really help get to the more awkward places without having to strain the wrist or arm. From £6.51
3 Tap turners I have mentioned these before and they convert normal taps into lever taps, making it much easier to use. From £5.38
4 Reachers There are many different types from long, folding, short, rotating head and type of grab. There are different types of handles to suit your needs even if you find gripping things difficult. They are and ideal gadget to pick up dropped items. From £9.56
5 Perching Stool These stools are padded and have a slight slope to the seat and are height adjustable. Ideal for use in the kitchen whilst cooking or dare I say it, ironing. From £50.86
6 Good Grip utensils Arthritis in the wrist and hand can making gripping difficult. The good Grips range make gripping easier and range from cutlery, peelers, spatula’s, potato mashers to angled measuring jugs and air tight containers. From £4.89
7 Coolhand This ingenious device allows you to carry hot plates by using the power of leverage and avoids any burnt fingers. From £6.49
8 Kettle Tipper Again I have mentioned this before and it allows you to pour the kettle without the need to lift it. Top tip with kettles is to only fill them with what you need, making them lighter and more energy efficient. From £14.77
9 Jar/tin openers Lots of different types from electric, automatic one touch, and manual. The ‘ultimate jar opener’ is good for anyone with limited power in his her hand or wrist. It will twist open jars and can be used as a bottle opener. The ‘Grip it’ jar/bottle opener is a good starting point. From £3.19
10 Wrist brace Different colours and types available. Neoprene ones retain the heat and conforms well to give a light compression to sooth painful joints. They can come with a solid bar sown in to give added support. From £6.99

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