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Mobility Problems - Solutions to a Wide Range of Mobility Problems
Solutions to mobilty issues

We offer useful advice to people who have mobility problems covering problems with cooking, to how to choose the right shoes.

Staying at my parent’s last week I noticed how much they struggle with simple tasks now, especially in the kitchen. Modern packaging does not help, I am concerned that not being able to open cans, jars etc is effecting their quality of life. What products do you recommend that could help Mrs Deep

I quite agree that modern food packaging is the vain of the modern world. I think we all probably struggle at times with trying to get to the food we have just bought, let alone if you suffer from arthritis or are elderly! However there are a number of gadgets available to help from under £5 upwards and I will list a few below.

The one touch can or jar opener fits neatly on top of a can or jar and are battery operated, you then simply push one button and the can or jar is opened automatically. The jar pop key allows you to release the vacuum of a new jar allowing it to be easily unscrewed. The can key allows you to open ring pull cans easily and with little effort. You can then get the multi opener which combines the above and opens screw tops and bottle caps. We also recommend the multi grip which is ideal for opening child proof safety lids on pill bottles and the turn key which is designed to open screw cap cartons and has a hook to remove the small plastic lid underneath the screw cap.

One Touch Can or Jar Opener

The One Touch Jar Opener will work on the smallest and the largest of jars. £31.45

Jar Pop Key

The Jar Pop Key is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the lid can now be easily unscrewed. £5.19

Multi Opener

Place the Multi Grip Jar Opener over the safety cap and with a joint pressure and turning movement, the cap is easily unscrewed. £4.59

I recently spent over an hour outside my Dad’s house ringing the bell trying to get in. The problem is that he sits in the back room away from the front door and cannot hear the doorbell. He does not always hear the telephone either. Can you help? Mrs Phelps.

This is a common area that we deal with and there are a few options which should solve your problems. You can get amplifiers (95db) for the doorbell to make them even louder and have them connected to a light that flashes to indicate someone is at the door. The same principle can be used for the telephone. You can also get desk and cordless phones that will let you amplify calls up to 35 db and the ring to 95db. They will also flash and have extra big buttons and to complete the range they have a big buttoned extra loud,100db, mobile phone which lights up and vibrates. I would like to think that if your father had any one of these you would always be able to get hold of him!

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Now that the nights seem to be drawing in I find myself indoors more and more and my feet suffer from the cold and tend to swell up. I find it very hard to find comfortable shoes and slippers that will keep my feet warm. Is there any manufacture you would recommend? Mrs Davis

This is an area that we have seen some huge improvements in, not just in choice but style and comfort too. I would recommend a company called Cosyfeet who specialise in extra wide shoes made out of flexible materials which will stretch where needed. It is essential to have shoes that fit correctly as they can prevent you from having any slips and falls about the house. They have a range of slippers that can be secured by Velcro and have no seams in them so that your feet will remain firm and snug. The fabric stretches to accommodate extra swelling and I would like to think that almost any size or shape can be accommodated. If you have odd sized feet they will even make a pair which are different sizes.

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