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Diabetes - Advice On Mobility Products For Diabetes Sufferers
285 million people worldwide have diabetes and this figure is set to rise, the UK has around 2.75 million people. The NHS spend approximately £1 million per hour treating diabetes and associated complications and every 30 seconds a leg is lost due to diabetes somewhere in the world.

So what products are available? Footcare is the primary focus, shoes must be fitted correctly and this is more difficult for those with little feeling in the feet. Socks and hosiery are also very important and below are some products that are aimed to help people with diabetes.


Seam free socks are essential as they reduce the risk of rubbing or irritation. Different types are available.

i) Light weight These come with a seam-free toe and have a softhold top which keeps the sock up and will not restrict circulation. £15 for a pack of three
ii) Wool Not only do they have a seam free toe but they have cushioned sole, toe and heel areas for added protection. If you suffer from cold feet they will certainly help keep you warm. £15.50 for a pack of two
iii) Cotton Again they have the seam-free toe and are perfect if you have sensitive feet which feel the heat. They also have a cushioned heel and toe for added protection. £15.50 for a pack of two
iv) Cape Mohair Medi Socks The innovative use of different yarns has combined to make these socks unique. The mohair and merino wool mix used for the underfoot, toe and heel areas offers protection coupled with excellent climate control keeping the feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fine knit bamboo is soft and silky to the touch and allows the socks to gently stretch to accommodate swollen feet and ankles. The fibre content is 48% Bamboo, 16% Mohair, 16% Merino Wool and 20% Polyamide. £10 per pair.

2. Hoisery

Again look for seam free and a soft top which will hold the hosiery gently but firmly in place and won’t restrict circulation. From £8.50 for a pack of two

3. Shoes

There are several UK companies that supply footwear suitable for diabetics including DB shoes, Cosyfeet, Ecco and Merrell to name a few. Look for shoes that are extra roomy with minimal seams or seam free. You can also get male and female shoes which are seam free and made from stretchy material that will effortlessly mirror changes to the shape of your feet.
When buying shoes make sure they are comfy at the time of purchase and then regularly check inside with your hand for any foreign objects that could cause rubbing or sores.
I would recommend the Catherine ladies range, by Cosyfeet, as they are seam free and lightweight and start from £46.96 without vat. The male equivalent is something like the Jeff or Andy range, also by Cosyfeet, which are cotton lined and made of elastane which expands to fit the feet during the day. From £26.09 without vat.

4. CCS rengenerate rough and dry skin heel balm £7.50 or CSS Foot Care Cream £8

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this cream is non greasy and is ideal for helping the regeneration of rough, dry and cracked heels. The foot care cream absorbs deep into the foot, helping to keep skin soft and supple. Health professionals recommend that diabetics wash their feet every day and once dry moisturise thoroughly making sure not to get any between the toes.

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