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Mobility Utensils - Safe & Innovative Cooking Utensils in the Home
Making the most of your independence can be a struggle in the kitchen. Patients and the elderly who struggle with dexterity in their hands can find it difficult to prepare and cook food. However, at Collins Care we provide a good selection of mobility utensils that make life a little bit easier in a safe environment.

For even the most basic of jobs such as peeling a potato, a Good Grips Y peeler ensures a secure hold even when wet and its innovative blades require minimal physical strain. Using a frying pan and the pressure of a hot hob can be a significant hurdle to overcome. However, we supply a range of products with right angled handles. For example, the spatula with right angled handle maintains the hand and wrist in a natural, stress-free position. These products are both lightweight and durable – a trusty component in the home of any disabled or immobile person.

Mobility utensils help to avoid the drama and the pain of a potentially damaging accident in the kitchen. An innovative kettle tipper allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids, whilst keeping hands and arms well away from danger without lifting any substantial weight.

Grating cheese and other numerous other items is hardly an enviable task at the best of times. However, the physical pressure on an elderly or disabled patient is eased with both manual and electrical food graters. A standard cheese grater with a contoured right-angled handle is cost-effective and robust.

No longer do customers have to worry about using products that can put them physically at risk. Visit Collins Care for kitchen mobility utensils that are hard-wearing, robust and innovative to be used regularly in the home

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