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Multiple Sclerosis - Coping With Mobility & Incontinence Issues
The most common disabling neurological condition in the United Kingdom is Multiple Sclerosis. Affecting over 100,000 people across the country, MS is a result of damage to the protective sheath surrounding the nerve endings of the central nervous system.Multiple Sclerosis is an incredibly unpredictable disease.

Sufferers often encounter periods of relapse and remission, while others may experience a steady, progressive decline. Unfortunately the prognosis for MS patients is not particularly strong at present, with no known cure found as yet.

Despite this, there are a number of ways to manage and support the condition with the help of a host of mobility aids and accessories that can help sufferers discover a new lease of life.

Depending on the phase of your MS, mobility can be mildly or severely impeded. Staying clean and fresh is key to a healthy and happy body. A bath lift should be considered for MS patients who are unable to move in and out of a bath without assistance. For heightened stability in the bathroom, grab rails are designed to reduce accidents and falls and provide peace of mind for loved ones.

Reduced mobility means that Multiple Sclerosis sufferers need increased incontinence care and protection. Incontinence pads and briefs are both comfortable and discreet and are usable with normal underwear. Protection from leakages and embarrassment is paramount.

Aside from home protection, Multiple Sclerosis patients can retain some form of independence with mobility scooters that are easy to operate and store. Dexterity can be a problem for MS sufferers; therefore button/lever operated scooters are an ideal solution for days out and greater access to shops.

Multiple Sclerosis victims that have minimal movement can increase their freedom and enjoyment with our range of power chairs that are very manoeuvrable, equally suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

At Collins Care we specialise in mobility products for all requirements, including the tailored care needs of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

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