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Christmas Gifts For Grandparents - Advice On How to Make Your Grandparent Happy This Christmas
It’s often difficult to know what to buy your Grandparents for Christmas especially if they have mobility problems. It can be difficult to find a Christmas Gift that can be both practical and enjoyable. At Collins Care we have a wide range of Christmas gifts that can make your Grandparents feel special this year and also give them the freedom to do more things that they thought weren’t possible.

Most Grandparents enjoy nothing more than a game of cards with their friends, but due to poor eye- sight they can find cards hard to read. Make card games more pleasurable again for them with LoVision Playing Cards, theses standard size playing cards have enlarged suit characters and numbers making them easy to recognise. If your Grandparent suffers from limited hand grip or arthritis then a Card Player would be the perfect gift as is holds playing cards in a natural position in a large fan shaped card holder. This handy little gadget can also contain Large Playing Cards that are specially made for the visually impaired and those with a weak grasp. Another great addition for your Grandparents games nights would be an automatic shuffler that quickly shuffles one or two decks. Not only is it practical for grandparents with mobility problems but it will also be the talking point amongst their friends this Christmas.

Reading can prove difficult for Grandparents if vision is deterotating so magnifiers are the ideal Christmas gift to restore your Grandparents passion in reading. The hands free magnifier on a stand is one of the best magnifiers on the market as it has an extendable arm and can be positioned at different heights and angles making it simple to use.

However no Christmas present would be complete without a pair of socks, so why not treat your Grandparents to a little extra gift of a pair of cosy, cotton rich, soft top thermal socks that help circulation.

Or if your Granddad likes to be the king of the kitchen at Christmas and carve the Turkey, why not make it easier for him with a Carving Knife with right-angled handle.

Make your Grandparents happy this Christmas with the Gift of Mobility that will last them all year round.

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