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Aids for Mobility

It is a pertinent issue for thousands of elderly and disabled people across the country, maintaining their independence and remaining mobile whilst battling against ageing and disease. For many elderly people remaining mobile in their own home is enough to enjoy a decent quality of life. Fortunately for them there are now an unprecedented number of aids for mobility for those with restricted movement.

There are so many aids for mobility that help with everyday chores and facilitate the chance to get out and about. For simple, reliable mobility support, walking sticks and walking frames are fantastic for getting from one room to another and provide outstanding peace of mind. These are not only great for the elderly, but for those with neurological problems who remain fit enough to move around the house.

The effort of standing up and moving around can sap the energy of many elderly patients. Therefore handy accessories such as a folding or rotating reacher can enable users to pick up the TV remote from the table without leaving the comfort of their armchair.

If mobility is severely impaired then consider a revolutionary hoist that is a tremendous aid for mobility suitable for lifting people into a bath or from their bed to a chair. A wide range of electrical and hydraulic hoists can provide fantastic aids for mobility in the home and prolong quality of life.

A wheelchair is one of the most durable aids for mobility, with a great range suitable for travelling, shopping and moving around the house. Choose from heavy duty or lightweight wheelchairs and decide whether stability is more important than portability.

Perhaps the perfect solution to provide access to all floors of a home is a fitted stair lift. Easily adapted to fit both a curved or straight stair case, a stair lift is comfortable and easily negotiates the switch between an upstairs bedroom and a downstairs living room.

These revolutionary aids for mobility can not only prolong quality of life, it can improve it. Norwich mobility specialists, Collins Care stock hundreds of mobility products and aids for mobility to help make lives easier.

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