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Car Mobility - Easy To Use Car Aids To Make It Disabled/Elderly Friendly
Over 6% of licensed drivers in the UK are either disabled or elderly. In addition there are over 10 million disabled people in the UK, though unable to drive, will no doubt be passengers in family and careers vehicles. Disabled people or those with mobility problems will often find the prospect of driving or getting in and out of cars a difficult procedure. Luckily the mobility market has combined both technology and innovation to combat these problems by creating car mobility aids that can be added to any car to make it disabled friendly.

Several changes can be made to a car to make it more accessible for a mobility sufferer without having to pay the significant amount for a new mobility car.

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Adapting your car

Some car mobility adaptations can make travelling in vehicles more comfortable for disabled and elderly passengers. The most common of these are the Turn Easy Swivel Seat and the Handy Bar.

The Turn Easy Swivel Seat is a padded cushion that has a smooth turning action, making it easier for both the elderly /disabled passenger to get in and out of a vehicle. This smooth swivel seat can also be used in the home on dining chairs or beds.

The Handy Bar is also a great car mobility aid. This strong device simply inserts in the ‘U’ shaped striker plate on a vehicles doorframe and creates a safe support handle when the passenger enters or exits the vehicle. The handy bar combines soft grip, non slip handle for comfort and also a strong steel shaft to provide solid support. This added support can make accessing cars easier, giving reassurance and confidence to the passenger.

Car control adaptations

Car mobility aids can be added to any cars to make it easier for mobility suffers to drive, however these controls don’t prevent other able drivers from using the car.

If controlling the speed of the car using the foot pedals poses problems, hand controls can be fitted next to the steering wheel instead. These work by imitating the brake and accelerator pedals, but are controlled by hands instead. When buying a speed or steering adaptation, make sure that it is comfortable and suits the driver’s needs. To avoid confusion and possible accidents pedal guards would be advised just in case pressure to the pedals was applied.

If turning the steering wheel is problematic, push-pull devices can be added to the steering wheel to make this easier.

Car mobility equipment

Stowing mobility equipment can be problematic, so choosing compatibly wheel chairs and scooters maybe the perfect solution, without paying the extra costs for a new car. A car boot and fold up mobility scooter is an ideal form of transport when your unable drive, and easy to store in careers cars. Transit wheelchairs can also be folded neatly into a car and can be easily adjusted so that the customer can comfortably adapt the wheelchair to their needs.

These small car adaptations from the swivel chair to hand controls can not only save time and money, but also save lives ensuring that the elderly and disabled are safe and comfortable on the roads.

Turn Easy Swivel Seat A superior, padded safety turn easy swivel cushion. The turn easy swivel cushion is made from ABS plastic with a smooth turning action. £59.99
Handy Bar The Handybar fits the majority of vehicles with the 'U' shaped striker. The Handybar also incorporates a seat belt cutter and glass breaker to help in the event of an accident. £24.99
Mobilty Scooter A wide range of folding mobility scooters, compact enough to fit in car boots.
Transit Wheelchairs A range of lightweight wheelchairs,It is great for lifting into the car boot and is ideal for liesure or recreational use.

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