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Household Mobility - Advice On Improving Mobility Around The House
Feeling safe and secure in the comfort of your own household is of primary concern to us. Using our range of household mobility products can make everyday life easier and relieve stress. From simple tasks like picking up a television remote to sturdy and adjustable walking trolleys for walking, we aim to provide solutions to a range of household mobility issues.

Your mobility can be affected by a number of reasons, from neurological, physical injury to simply old age. However, it is important to maximise your mobility and enjoyment. Our fantastic range of games and leisure activities keep your mind stimulated. For those that love to sit and read a newspaper on a daily basis, our Magnifier on a Stand is perfect for people with eyesight problems to take the strain.

It can be very hard to reach certain bits and bobs from your armchair if your mobility is seriously affected. However, reaching the remote control or the telephone is now so much easier with the help of one of our impressive Reachers. From folding to extendable devices, a Reacher can go some way to maintaining your independence.

For patients that wish to feel protected and stabilised around the house, consider our Walking Trolley for maximum manoeuvrability. The structure is fitted with two shelves, allowing you to keep important objects close to hand. If standing for a considerable period of time poses a problem, a Perching Stool can provide an ideal accompaniment for activities from peeling the spuds to brushing your teeth.

Electric household accessories are important, safety-conscious measures for mobility-impaired people. Our electrical aids are safe to use and very easy to operate, making your everyday life a little bit easier. For example, a plug tug makes removing fiddly plugs less of a hassle. Patients hard of hearing will also be relieved to use a Plug In Telephone Amplifier that amplifies your telephone ringtone to enable you to hear it virtually anywhere in the house.

Choose from a revolutionary selection of household mobility products at Collins Care, the mobility specialists.

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