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Mobility Aids Advice - What Products Will Work Best For Your Mobility Requirements
There is a sea of mobility products out there to choose from, that you can often feel drowned in, not knowing what product works best and what will suit you and your requirements. Here is a list of ten top kitchen aids that will help you cook up a storm in your kitchen with effortless ease.

1. Jars and Bottles are generally so difficult to open, especially the new ones due to the vacuum inside. A Jar Pop Key Jar Opener will release this pressure and allow you to easily unscrew the lid with complete ease.

2. For the more persistent lid the Grip It jar and bottle opener is a moulded rubbery cone that will help open a range of different sized bottles, jars and child-proof bottles. You simply put it over the jar, and open the jar as you would normally. This product also doesn’t have to be restricted to the kitchen you can use it to open doors or turn on taps.

3. If arthritis makes gripping difficult the Cap Gripper is a brilliant product to aid you, the rubber belt fastens around the lid, which is then tightened by the thumb wheel. Because of this clever function the Cap Gripper fits all kinds of screw lids. So with very little effort you can open a jar or bottle which makes life easier.

4. Most cans and tins have a ring pull design these days which can lead to broken nails, sore fingers and overall can be a fiddly and uncomfortable process. The J-Popper is the perfect solution, it is light, easy to use and will stop you spilling half the contents out. In the shape of a J the tip is placed under the ring and pulled at the handle to open the tin.

5. Milk and Juice Cartons can be difficult to open especially elderly people who often lack the strength in their fingers. The Turn Key Screw Cap Opener solves the problem and opens the lid.

6. Lifting and pouring can be very difficult especially for anyone with arthritis The Kettle Tipper is designed to aid you to safely pour hot water into a cup without lifting any weight. There are a variety of different types and standard, jug or cordless kettles can all be used. They start from £17 and your local mobility dealer should have a selection.

7. Right angled handle kitchen utensils are ideal to maintain the hand and wrist in a natural stress free position whether it is a carving or bread knife.

8. If gripping is difficult the Good Grip range of cutlery is a great product as they have weighted handles and a soft cushion grip to make it easy to use. They are also aesthetically appealing, so all your family could use them.

9. Good Grips Swivel Peeler is particularly good as it requires minimal wrist movement and ensures a secure hold even when wet. You should be able to get these from any kitchen shop or your local mobility dealer.

10. Last but by no means least The Derby Tap Turners can fit crystal and cross head taps making them easier to turn, giving outstanding grip. No tools required to fit and they are colour coded red and blue.

All the products mentioned are available from good mobility dealers. When buying look to see if they are members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and therefore abide by their Code of Practice.

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