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Personal Hygiene - Advice On Personal Hygiene Products For Those Who Suffer From Mobility Problems
Maintaining good personal hygiene preserves a healthy lifestyle, clear from illness and infection. Body, domestic and dental hygiene are important in order to enjoy cleanliness and good sanitation.

Body hygiene is a practice performed by the individual to maintain one’s bodily health. A strong sense of well being and social acceptance are just two minor factors in the primary goal of avoiding personal illness and the spread of infection across family and friends.

Regular visits to your doctor and dentist can maintain personal health and improve dental habits. Basic hygiene involving regular bathing and showering is important. Staying fresh and clean is a vital ingredient in feeling good and improving self-confidence.

At Collins Care, our products such as the P-Guard can avoid embarrassing and unhygienic bathroom accidents for elderly males. This clean and flexible addition to your toilet seat can ease the stress and worry of day-to-day sanitation. The self-adhesive pads make the P-Guard versatile in its ability to attach to any porcelain toilet. From a seated position the cup deflects urine into the toilet, preventing unwanted spillages.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers stay fresh and clean. A wide range of continence care products can be used to manage alarming and last-minute accidents. These subtle and discreet pads can be worn perfectly with normal underwear and can ease tension and improve self-esteem.

Why not consider our innovative Easywipe product, to overcome mobility problems that make maintaining personal hygiene a day-to-day problem. Its brand new design overcomes the drawbacks of any similar product.

For particularly dependant patients, the fear of bed accidents can be made less significant with the use of waterproof bedding. The covers are durable and contain a bacteriostat/fungi-stat to prevent the growth of germs. Prevent unnecessary bedding accidents and choose from a great range of sizes to suit your bedding requirements.

For an extensive and market-leading range of personal hygiene and continence products, visit Collins Care and improve your quality of life today.

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