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Mobility Products That Maintain Your Independence - Get Advice On Leading Mobility Products
The fear of illness and injury keeping you immobile and dependant on others is a worrying thought. Keeping your independence and enjoying your quality of life is paramount as you enter the latter stages of your life.

Understanding the broad range of mobility products that can provide effective, comfortable solutions to mobility problems can help with everyday chores from cooking and dressing to bathing and showering. Sometimes the most simplistic accessories and aids can make the biggest improvements to your mobility.

If you wish to leave the confines of your own home and continue the everyday activities you enjoy, it may be wise to consider a mobility scooter. These are very easy to operate and provide greater access to shops and amenities. There is a wide range of mobility scooters, ranging from heavy duty to portable folding scooters for casual use. Mobility scooter accessories are also available to help protect as well as support your scooter.

Should a mobility scooter be beyond your financial means, a great range of wheelchairs with differing specifications are available to ensure you find the perfect wheelchair for you. Again, the decision to choose between heavy duty and lightweight folding wheelchairs is largely down to how regularly you will use the chair, with the more durable wheelchairs built for comfort.

A great product designed to offer maximum stability for walkers is the tri wheel walker. The durable frame is equipped with breaks and easy grip handles to help reduce accidents and slips outside of the home. Nevertheless, the tri frame is versatile and can also be used inside the house for increased mobility.

Once you are sat comfortably in your arm chair it can be hard to reach certain bits and bobs without having to stand up. Reaching the TV remote control is now so much easier with the help of one of our fantastic reachers. Choose from folding and rotating reachers that are perfect for individual tasks.

The great range of specialist mobility products at Collins Care will help make your life easier.

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